How To Modify The Tyres On Your Scooter

May 23, 2022 By Eden Smith

The tires on your electric scooter are an essential component of its makeup.

It is important to maintain your scooter’s tires in top shape to ensure it last as long as possible. It is not easy to change your scooter’s tires. If you are unsure how to change your scooter’s tires, we will show you how.

Removing the Rear Tyre

The most difficult part of the whole process is removing the tires from an electric scooter.

Position it correctly

First, the correct position of the scooter on a work surface is essential, regardless of whether you’re changing the front or rear wheels.

If you need to change the rear tire, place the scooter on the brake disc side. This will allow you to work comfortably when removing the tire frame from your scooter.

Loosen the wheel nuts

Next, use a wrench to loosen the wheel nuts one at a time. To disconnect the front brakes, loosen all nuts including the drum brake retention pin and brake adjuster bolt.

To avoid losing them, make sure you keep all loose ends in a safe location. This will make it much easier to reassemble the tire on the scooter.

Deflating and removing the tire

Once you have removed the wheel from the rear wheel, it is time to start working on the tire.

*If you are replacing the tire without it becoming punctured, first remove the valve nut (if one is present) and let the air out completely. If you have a valve core and need to release the pressure, press the valve pin.

* After the tire has deflated sufficiently, remove the outer tire from the tire levers. Keep pushing the tire bead towards the rim using a tire wrench until it is free.

* Next, remove the inner tube from the tire. This is easy. You will need to replace inner tubes damaged by punctures.

Reinstalling the tire on the wheel

Next, insert the tube into the outer casing. Next, insert the tube into the outer casing of the tire. After that, ensure the tire fits evenly into the wheel’s rim.

Inflating the Tyre

We’re nearly there, so let’s move on to the next step. In case you didn’t notice, the inner tube should be snugly within the tire. Then, it should fit comfortably inside the wheel.

Putting the brakes on

Place the drum brake and drum brake barrel back in the wheel.

Take the tire out of the scooter’s wheel slip and return it to its original position. Make sure you place the brake cable in the correct position. You can also place the brake spring over the cable.

To ensure that your brakes do not come undone, you will need to re-fit all bolts, including the brake adjuster screw.

Removing front tire

Removing the front tire from an electric scooter is a little more difficult than removing the rear. This is due to the proper positioning of your scooter to quickly reach the tire and to bear with any cables you may need.

Positioning it correctly

Lay the scooter on its side cable-side up, just like the rear wheel. If your scooter has special trim, make sure you pick it off with a picking instrument.

You are now ready to go

After you have mastered changing the tires of your adult electric scooter, the process of changing the tires will become easier and more manageable. You might also enjoy our scooter tire guide.