What is the Importance of Management of Traffic Around Construction Sites?

November 11, 2022 By Eden Smith

You are in charge of controlling traffic around your construction site as a builder. When beginning a new project, it’s important to plan how you’ll reroute traffic and disrupt locals as little as possible.

This decision-making process must be documented in a traffic management strategy. The local government must receive this plan and approve it. They will assess how well you are ensuring safety around your building site.

Make sure you choose the transport consultants with proven track record and experience in offering transport and highway engineering services to their clients. These consultants offer services to private as well as public sectors.

What a traffic management plan is?

A traffic management plan is a written document that details the procedures a construction site must adhere to in order to safely manage the traffic flow around the site.

The construction’s location, and anticipated traffic volume should all be considered in the plan.

A traffic management strategy tries to increase efficiency and safety while working on a construction project. By making a strategy, possible risks and disturbances to traffic flow can be avoided.

Keeping pedestrians and vehicles apart

The insufficient separation of pedestrians and cars is to blame for the bulk of construction transport accidents.

Planning carefully, especially during the design phase, and limiting vehicle operations while the building is being done can typically prevent this.

The following actions can help you to keep vehicles and pedestrians apart:

  1. Entrances and exits

These allow different gateways for entry as well as exit so that pedestrians and vehicles can move smoothly.

  • Walkways

They offer firm, well-drained, level pedestrian walkways that can take a direct route wherever possible.

  • Crossings

Roadways and walkways intersect each other provides a well-lit and clearly signed crossing point where both pedestrians as well as drivers can see each other.

  • Visibility

Ensure that drivers driving out to public roads can properly see both ways along the footway when they move on to it.

  • Obstructions

Never block walkways so that pedestrians may easily step onto the vehicle route.

  • Barriers

Think about installing a certain barrier between the walkway and the roadway.

Minimising vehicle movements

Effective planning can reduce the amount of vehicular traffic on a property. For instance, landscaping could be used to lessen the amount of fill or spoil movement.

For limiting the vehicle number on site:

  • For the workforce and also visitors provide car and van parking.
  • Control entry into the work area
  • Plan storage areas properly so that delivery vehicles need not cross the site.

People on site

Employers must take full measures to make sure that all employees are skilled in operating the machines, vehicles, and other accessories they use on their job site:

  • Checks when recruiting new drivers/operators or hiring any contractors
  • Training drivers and operators
  • Managing the activities of all visiting drivers.

Vehicle movement signallers are required to have the appropriate training and authorization.

When unskilled or untrained people operate construction vehicles without authorization, accidents can also happen. People must be made aware of the various risks and access to automobiles must be restricted.