The Pros And Cons Of Obtaining A Medical Marijuana Card

November 17, 2022 By Eden Smith

Are you considering obtaining a medical marijuana certificate but unsure if it’s the right thing to do?

It is easy to get confused about the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. There is a problem. Many people post information online that is false. It is important to be informed if you are going to make an informed decision.

Continue reading to learn more about the pros and cons of obtaining an Oklahoma medical marijuana card.

Is It Easy To Get A Recommendation For A Medical Marijuana Card?

This question is difficult to answer. Many factors can impact the ease of getting a card. The application process can vary depending on where you live.

It is becoming easier to get recommendations for your cannabis card. Many states accept out-of-state marijuana cards if they can recommend a doctor.

The Benefits Of Obtaining A Medical Marijuana Card

A medical marijuana card can be obtained for many reasons. Everyone has different needs.

It is difficult to say whether a card is right for you. Here are some reasons to get a card.

It Provides You With Protection

If you are a resident of a state that allows medical marijuana, you should not worry about getting charged with a misdemeanor.

If you are in state that legalized medical marijuana in 2016, you could be caught with marijuana without a card. A misdemeanor charge will be filed against you. You could face a $1200 fine and spend some time in jail.

You won’t have to worry if you have a credit card. This will take the stress off your shoulders.

Marijuana Will Usually Cost Less Than Other Drugs

Your medical marijuana budget will be reduced if you have a card. This is an excellent benefit for people who use marijuana for real health reasons. You don’t have to pay retail marijuana taxes if you are a medical marijuana cardholder.

Higher Potency Plants, Higher Marijuana Possession Limits

It is important to get the right dose if you use marijuana for medical purposes. To alleviate symptoms, users often seek out plants with the highest potency. Most local laws allow medical dispensaries licensed to sell cannabis with higher potency than non-medical dispensaries.

Cardholders can also purchase more cannabis. California, for example, allows cardholders to purchase 2,000mg of marijuana each time they visit. However, recreational users can only buy 1,000m.

Greater Growing Limits

Although not all medical marijuana programs allow users to grow their cannabis, the majority of them do. Some states restrict the ability to grow cannabis at home if you live far from the nearest dispensary.

A card will allow you to grow more plants. This is a huge benefit for you. This will mean you don’t need to visit a dispensary, saving you a lot of money to grow your plants.

Cons Of A Medical Marijuana Card

There are many reasons to get a card. But there are also reasons not to. These are the top reasons not to get a card.

You Can’t Own A Firearm

The Second Amendment permits citizens of the United States to own a firearm. However, this right is not guaranteed if you hold a card. For those who use marijuana for medical treatment this is an inconvenience.

Your Commercial Driver’s License May Be Suspended

You could lose your job if you test positive for marijuana while driving commercially, even if the card is for medical marijuana.

This is probably more sensible than banning cardholders from having firearms. It is not good idea for intoxicated drivers to be on the roads.

Annual Renewal Fees Will Be Charged

It won’t cost much to renew your card ($50-200 per year), but it cannot be very pleasant. You risk losing your ability to purchase medical marijuana if you don’t renew.

A Government Job Is Not For You

Even marijuana is legal in your state; you could lose your job if a medical marijuana card is issued to you. Because government workers aren’t legally permitted to use marijuana, this is why. There is a possibility that you will be fired if you fail to pass a test.

Are You Eligible To Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card?

Although there are many advantages to getting a medical marijuana license, there are also some big reasons it may not be right for you. Getting a card might not be a good idea if the government or a commercial driver employs you.