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Landformblog.co.uk This blog covers the digital marketing business, especially pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and Landformblog.co.uk’s place within it, with our platform that enhances PPC campaigns and account administration.

We provide search aficionados with the materials to keep up-to-date and have a PPC reference point handy. Please write to us.

Acceptable Material

We’re receptive to marketing or tech material from anyone as long as it helps paid search marketers’ perspectives or expertise.

It Might Be:

  • DIY,
  • Business
  • Finance,
  • Automotive
  • Lifestyle,
  • Technology
  • Family/parenting travel,
  • Entertainment

Your Article May Be:

  • Opinion (strong feelings? Listening)
  • Educational (show other pros how you accomplish things using How-Tos)
  • Research (use your data or public data to make a point)

More Guidelines:

  • Every article must be original, not published elsewhere, and not copied. 
  • Minimum 500-word article 
  • Give credit 
  • Keyword-focused with meta description and headline 
  • Your Work should have no more than 2 no-follow links to your site and at least 3 internal links to Landformblog.co.uk 


  • We retain the right to alter your article before publication.
  • We may reject submitted articles.
  • We’ll delete submissions discovered elsewhere
  • We try to publish guest pieces within 4 weeks, however, this may take longer.

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  • Increase ROI and performance
  • Automate to save time
  • Manage several accounts centrally
  • Request features using a portal
  • Generate results reports

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