Do not miss the adventure activities in Coron

October 6, 2021 By Eden Smith

Coron is the most beautiful place in the world. It’s a must-see for anyone who seeks God’s natural bliss. It is a limestone island in the Palawan region. It is known for its unique white sand beaches, clear blue waters and proud to be a tourist destination.

Coron is a beautiful place to visit, with many stunning spots. This makes it a great spot for travelers who want to enjoy the quiet beauty and tranquility of Coron. To avoid disappointments, it is important to book your El Nido – Coron tickets with the best travel agencies like Bookaway. Because Coron is visited every year by many adventure-loving travelers, tickets are rarely available.

Tourists and travelers love Coron for its natural beauty, as well as the many adventurous activities available. Here are a few things you might want to do while visiting Coron:

  • Hiking Mount. Tapyas: From the summit, you can see Coron Island and Busuanga Island. To see the stunning landscape from the summit, however, you will need to climb 735 281 steps.
  • Maquinit Springs is one of the most well-known salt water hot springs in the world. Although it may seem absurd to soak in hot spring water when the temperature outside is high, it can be quite relaxing and helpful for any body aches.

You can enjoy a tricycle ride, soak up the therapeutic water, and spend some time at the beach next to the mangroves, 30km from Coron. The vast forest greenery and the seawater could be enjoyed.

  • Visit the hidden lagoon. The natural divider separates the two lagoons. The limestone tower at Callis mountain was naturally separated, allowing swimmers to access the hidden water within it during low tides. This place can be difficult but also thrilling. It is well worth the effort. The water is clear and safe enough to snorkel.
  • Hiking trip to Lake Kayangan – You cannot miss the stunning view from the hilltops. It’s possible to just sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature for hours. This place can get quite crowded all year. It is a freshwater lake, so visitors can enjoy swimming or eating at nearby restaurants.
  • Divers can watch the underwater mountain foot from their dive. Although Barracuda lake water may appear to be dangerous for divers, divers have a different story. While admiring the underwater foothills, you can also dive in salted freshwater, which is very warm.
  • Explore Coron Island waters by snorkeling and diving. There are many Japanese shipwrecks in the Coron islands. The wrecks can be explored by snorkeling and you can capture the moment when coral reefs form over the wreck. The wreck’s interior can be explored by divers. Divers with experience will never miss out on Coron Island deep water diving.
  • Island hopping is possible in the Philippines. There are some of the most beautiful islands and islets. There are many options for island hopping, including private ones. You have access to food, beaches, greenery, and diving spots. You can both enjoy the natural beauty and take part in it.
  • Enjoy the variety of local food: You can’t help but love the local cuisine, making you a foodie even when you’re not.

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